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I create visual poetry!

Diane Lamboley is a heART-based artist whose love is to create visual poetry. Her experience working in the non-profit sector, combined with her photography and film development training, has helped her become the passionate, caring artist she is today. Diane embraces adventure and finds much of her inspiration exploring the natural beauty earth offers. Her photographic eye for angles, light, and textures, combined with her appreciation for people, culture, and travel, have helped Diane cultivate her award-winning creative process. Diane's work is featured in exhibitions around the country, has won numerous photography awards and is on display at several galleries in Southern California. Diane currently pursues her artistic endeavors from her home in Laguna Beach, California, where she resides with her husband, Rusty, and Buck the Wonder Dog.

What people are saying about DML images!

"It has taken me a bit to get this email off to you but I wanted to make sure to do so.  I gave my sister-in-law the "Optimism" print for Christmas and her reaction was so heartwarming, I had to share it with you. Upon opening the gift...she cried!  She was overwhelmed and touched.  Jen loves this photo SO much and she thought she wouldn't see it again. The personal note you wrote was the "icing on the cake"; it was an extra special touch on your part.  Thank you so much for making this happen for her!!! You really made her year!"  Jen 

"I love seeing inside your artistic mind. This is beautiful!"  R.W.

"I get full on chills when I look at this one. It is stunning!!!!"  G.B.

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