Diane Marie Lamboley

I believe you don’t TAKE a photograph. It is a gift that is GIVEN to us.


In 1975 Diane received a photography scholarship to at a local university where students were instructed to shoot only in Black and White and taught how to develop their own film. This nitty gritty, starting with the basics learning is how she cultivated a photographic eye for angles, light and textures.


Working in the non-profit field her entire life required Diane frequently to be a photographer, writer and producer. Her passion for photography was real, but she never had the time to explore the artistic side of it.


When Diane moved to Hong Kong in 2011 all of that changed. She traveled to almost every country in Asia documenting her journeys through photographs. This connection to the cultures of different countries made her strive to tell the story of people in their everyday activities while also portraying how nature and history play a part in the fabric of a society.


During 2020 Diane began transforming her photos into visual stories by digitally enhancing them. This enables her to elaborate on a specific story with each unique piece. Her recent work depicts the struggles of our time while also providing a glimpse into the hopes and triumphs. The belief that there is something positive in everything resonates in each piece.


Diane won her first photography exhibition while living in Hong Kong. She now pursues her artistic endeavors at her home in Laguna Beach, California. Even during this trying time Diane continues to be a part of exhibitions around the country. She has recently received awards from Fusion Art, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery Online and J. Mane Gallery.


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